How To Answer “Are You Willing To Relocate?”

How to answer Are you willing to relocate? in a job interview. It seems as if you can answer this close-ended question with a simple “Yes” or “No“, however, you still need to clarify your response. In some cases, you might want to answer “Maybe” and discuss the terms and conditions before you commit yourself.

The reason why interviewers ask this question is to examine a candidate’s flexibility and dedication. They’ll observe your body language to determine if you are genuinely interested and a good fit for the job role and company. Those who show signs of excitement and commitment tend to do well in the final decision.

Example Answer "Yes"

“I’m absolutely willing to relocate for the right job opportunity, and I’m convinced that being a [Job title] doing [Task 1] and [Task 2] in [Location] is definitely that. It’s my ambition to work for a global company to further grow my professional network in the [Industry], explore and adapt to new environments.”

Example Answer "Maybe"

“I’m happy to consider relocating for this job opportunity. I do, however, need to take schooling, housing and travel distance to family into consideration. Would this be for the office in [Location 1] or [Location 2]?” And what about the [Terms and conditions]?

Example Answer "No"

“I’m very interested in this position, however, I can only work remotely at this time because of [Obligation] and [Liability]. Certainly relocating in the future is of interest to me, but it’s not doable right now.”

Interview Question Tips

  • Don’t say you can’t relocate. Mention the alternatives and/or inform them about the possibility to relocate in the future. Key here is to show your willingness to work for their company. Perhaps the employer might reconsider the relocation requirement.
  • Do ask for more information if you are unsure or rather not relocate. That way, you can rethink your opinion and/or buy some time to formulate a suitable answer. However, don’t ask questions such as: “How much do you pay extra?” or “Can I choose where you move me?” Instead, you can ask about the location, terms and conditions. You’ll come across as someone that likes to be well-informed before making important decisions.