How To Answer “Are You Willing To Work Nights, Weekends And Holidays?”

How to answer Are you willing to work nights, weekends and holidays? in a job interview. Other similar interview questions are:Β “Do you mind working night shifts, weekends or holidays?”Β ORΒ Are you willing to work long hours?”Β On this page, you can find a great example answer and useful interview tips!

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The interviewer asks this question to examine your flexibility and work / study schedule. You’ll most likely encounter this question when applying for a job in the hospitality or retail industry. These kinds of jobs are often times different from the typical nine-to-five jobs because they require unconventional work hours.

Example Answer ('Yes')

“Actually, I’m quite flexible and willing to work nights and weekends. I do know that [Store XYZ]’s busiest moments are after 8 p.m.Β As for the holidays, I’d like to have two weeks off so I can spend time with my family and friends. These weeks don’t have to be scheduled during the busy holiday seasons though.”

Example Answer ('No')

β€œAt this moment, I’m unavailable for night, weekend and holiday shifts. I can only work remotely during these shifts because of [Obligation] and [Liability]. However, I’d certainly like to consider working nights, weekends and holidays from [Date] onwards.”

Example Answer ('Maybe')

β€œI know that night, weekend and holiday shifts are part of this position. I do, however, need to take schooling and housekeeping into consideration. Do you have a timetable of events? I could arrange my schedule around it, if possible. I’ll get back to you on this if that’s alright with you!”

Interview Question Tips

  • Don’t ramble or give too many details. The employer doesn’t want to hear about your social events or plans for Thanksgiving, Independence or Christmas Day (unless asked).
  • Do know your availability and communicate it clearly and effectively. If it doesn’t match the employer’s needs, you need to show your willingness to cooperate and compromise.