How To Answer “Are You Willing To Work Overtime?”

How to answer Are you willing to work overtime? in a job interview. Other similar questions are: “Do you bring work home?“, “Do you sometimes work late nights? OR“When needed, do you work on weekends?

The reason why interviewers ask this question is not only to test your willingness, but also to evaluate your determination and motivation to work overtime and meet deadlines. After all, working long hours is quite common in some industries. Down below you can find a great example answer:

Example Answer

“I am willing to work overtime because I know that project deadlines are very tight in the [Industry]. I do, however, prefer projects that are scoped and scheduled in such a way that long hours are not a consistent practice.”

Interview Question Tips

  • Don’t lie about your willingness to work overtime. If you don’t want to work long hours you can focus on your work style and say something along the lines of: “I have no problem occasionally working overtime, but a healthy work-life balance is important to me. During working hours, I try to be as efficient and effective as possible to achieve my goals.”
  • Do research the company culture and industry and frame your answer accordingly. For example, working overtime is quite common in the Tech and Finance industry. In these industries they need people that are willing to work long hours instead of being strongly against it. However, be honest and upfront in your response or else this could cause problems in the future.
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