Cover Letter Example For a Cashier Position (2022)

Do you need to write a cover letter for a cashier position? Check out our example for a cashier job application!

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Cover Letter Example Cashier

[Charles Lewis]
[Number, Street Name]
[Little Rock, AR 23134]
[Phone number]
[Email Address]

[December 31, 2020]

[Thomas Goldberg]
[Hiring Manager]
[Walmart Inc.]
[Number, Street Name]
[Little Rock, AR 98763]

Dear Mr. Goldberg,

Your job posting on [] under section [‘Walmart Store Jobs’] for the Cashier & Front End Services position caught my attention. I am convinced that my interpersonal skills and previous working experience as a sales assistant can add value to your team. Therefore, I would like you to consider this application for a cashier position at your store in Little Rock, AR.

To shortly introduce myself, my name is [Charles Lewis] and I was pleased when reading the duties and responsibilities in the job description. The prospect of not simply being an ‘item scanner’, but also to resolve customer issues and answering questions about various types of products is what makes me want to apply.

Over the summer, I worked in customer service at [Store XYZ] and handled over 90 transactions on a daily basis using computerized check-out services. Although the summer job was focused on advising clients, I’d like to emphasize my familiarity with cashier duties such as scanning and packing items, counting cash backs and keeping a clean working environment. Currently, I am an 11th grade student at [High school] in [City], and I am willing to work flexible hours on weekends.

As of [01.01.2021], I will be available for part-time employment (32-hour work week). I’ve attached my CV and would welcome the opportunity to discuss my candidacy and demonstrate my social skills. Please contact me at [Phone number] to arrange an interview. Thank you for reviewing my application.

Best regards,

Charles Lewis

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