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Cover Letter Example Graphic Designer

[Name Surname]
[Number Street Name]
[City, ZIP Code]
[Phone Number]
[E-mail Address]

[Date, Year] (May 25, 2020)

[Matthew Miller]
[Hiring Manager]
[Company X]
[Number Street Name]
[City, ZIP Code]

Dear Mr. Miller,

I am writing to apply for the position of Graphic Designer at [Company x] as advertised on [] under section [Careers at]. Of all the companies in the field, [Company X] is certainly the one that interests me most, simply because it matches my own style and outlook. I also believe that I can make valuable contributions to your design team. Therefore, I want you to consider this application for the graphic designer position.

To shortly introduce myself, my name is [Name] and I recently saw your brand marketing campaign which I found original, catchy and made me laugh out loud. Perhaps not everyone got the joke but for me it was outstanding and, by all reports, extremely effective. I noticed that [Company X] has been engaged in more of these creative campaigns and initiatives over the past few years. As a motivated multimedia designer and creative art director, I am convinced that my technical expertise and creativity can contribute to future campaigns.

I am backed by a major degree in graphic design from the [University] of [City], and proficiencies in HTML/CSS and Adobe Creative Apps (Photoshop, Premiere Pro, InDesign, After Effects etc.).  During my internship in the Design Department at [Company Y], I developed numerous marketing programs (logo’s, newsletters, advertisements, infographics, brochures and logos) that have improved client transactions by an average of 35%. Since then, I am dedicated to bringing brands to life through omnichannel marketing programs.

I would welcome the opportunity to discuss how my technical skill set and creativity could contribute to your future marketing campaigns. In the attachment, you can find my resume and references. If you have any questions concerning my application, you can reach me at [Phone number] and [E-mail address]. Thank you for your time and consideration.

Yours sincerely,

Name Surname

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