Cover Letter Example For a Nursing Position (2022)

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Cover Letter Example Nurse

Mary Williams (Applicant)
456 Third Street
San Francisco, CA 6789
[email protected]

April 20, 2020

Jennifer Brown
Human Resources Manager
[Hospital X]
456 Low Road
Philadelphia, NY 678910

Dear Ms. Brown,

I am writing to express interest in the nursing position advertised on [Website] under section [‘Careers At’]. During my voluntary service at [Institution] I heard about [Hospital X], and I am convinced that my extra set of hands can fill the gap in your healthcare department. In this cover letter, I will elaborate on my motivation and qualifications required for this vacancy.

To shortly introduce myself, my name is [Name], and I have 10+ years’ experience as a registered nurse at the [Medical Centre]. Since several months I moved to [City], and therefore seeking a new but similar challenging work environment. I was pleased when reading the job advertisement. Directing a rotational system to manage the care of patients, and coordinate workforce management used to be my main tasks. According to my ex-employers, see references, I excelled in effectively and efficiently managing both patients and staff. The daily evaluation of 30 patients, and recognition is what motivated me to choose this position.

In my previous role as registered nurse at [Medical centre] I was praised by management as unit leader for nursing judgement in 2018. In that year, I also managed to achieve all the required certifications for Healthcare Provider: CMSRN, ACLS and AHA BLS. Since my nursing degree from the [University], I focus on the ability to improve nursing quality. For example, in my fourth year I did a major in Patient Assessment. Since then my team at the [Medical Centre] have adopted similar techniques for better assessments.

While my attached resume will give you an outline of my abilities, a personal meeting allows me to explain how I can contribute to staff education and management to maintain (or improve) nurse care quality. I look forward to the opportunity to discuss the possibilities to service your department. Please reach me on [Phone number] to schedule an interview. Thank you for your time and consideration.

Best regards,

Mary Williams

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