Cover Letter Example For a Supermarket Position (2022)

Do you need to write a cover letter for a supermarket position? Check out our example for a supermarket job application!

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Cover Letter Example Supermarket

[Mark Hill]
[Number, Street Name]
[Albany, NY 29290]
[Phone Number]
[Email Address]

[October 21, 2020]

[Wendy Coleman]
[Hiring Manager]
[Walmart Supermarket]
[Number, Street Name]
[Albany, NY 34234]

Dear Ms. Coleman,

I was excited to read about the stock clerk job opening on [] at [New York’s Shopping Center]. Although I have limited working experience, I am confident that my work ethic and positive mindset can contribute to your team. In this cover letter, I will elaborate on my motivation and qualifications to work at your establishment in Albany.

I would like to briefly introduce myself first. My name is [Mark Hill] and I was born on Sept. 12, 2000 in Albany. Throughout the years, my family has been doing groceries at [Walmart Supermarket] because of the friendly service, great product choices and excellent environment. I’ve been recently using the pickup option and I am absolutely satisfied about the courteous and helpful associates working at your establishment. Therefore, I am thrilled about the prospect to contribute and participate in your team as a stock clerk.

My professional career has spanned a total of four months (summer jobs), and much of the time has been spent organizing and inventorying merchandise. This involves preparing and maintaining records and reports of inventories, shortages and products used or issued. Due to excellent inventory management and work ethic, our team managed to achieve a 20% reduction in delay time previous summer. Besides my ability to handle inventory and time-management duties, I am physically capable of lifting and moving boxes using my hands or a forklift. I was praised by my former shop manager for excellent physical stamina during the busy holiday season (see references). In short, I am confident to perform the job as stock clerk.

Attached is my resume for your review and consideration. I would love the opportunity to discuss how I can contribute to the day-to-day work at [Walmart Supermarket] in a personal meeting. Please don’t hesitate to contact me at [Phone Number]. Thank you for your time and I look forward to hearing from you. 

Best regards,

Mark Hill

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