How To Answer “Can You Describe Yourself In Three Words?” (2022)

Before you go to that job interview, make sure you know how to answer the “Can you describe yourself in three words?” or “How would you describe yourself?” interview questions. Down below you can find the perfect example answers and interview tips (do’s and don’ts).Β 

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Why do interviewers ask this question? Interviewers ask this question to find out more about your personality, self-awareness and how you view yourself. However, many candidates have difficulties or fail to properly answer this interview question. That’s why we’ve listed some great example answers:  

Example Answer (With Experience

“I’d describe myself as witty and communicative, both written and verbally. As a keen writer, I enjoy writing those quick little funny remarks, and find value in exchanging thoughts and ideas with others. I am also someone that is dependable. Being consistent in behavior and performance is something that my readers, former employers and colleagues really appreciated about me.”

Example Answer (No Experience)

Those with little to no working experience can provide an answer that shows their ability of being self-aware. Freshers or recent graduates can, for example, provide an honest and humble answer like:Β 

“Let me thing for a couple of seconds… The first three words I’d use to describe myself are: work-in-progress or keen-to-learn. As a recent graduate, I feel there is still so much to learn and I’m looking forward to the journey.”

Interview Question Tips

  • Don’t be too timid (e.g. ‘I’m not sure’) or show too much confidence (e.g. ‘outstanding colleague’)
  • Don’t use business jargon or clichΓ©s such as: ‘I’m loyal’, ‘a hard worker’ or ‘a people-person’. Other commonly used generic answers are: ‘hard-working, enthusiastic and professional’.Β 
  • Do tell them exactly who you are, that you understand your personality and something that differentiates you from other candidates
  • Do tie in a few attributes that would make you a good fit for the open position. For example, if you apply for a customer service or sales position, you can say: ‘energetic’ or ‘communicative’