How To Answer “Don’t You Think You Are Overqualified For This Position?”

Do you have an upcoming job interview? Then you might stumble on the question: Don’t you think you are overqualified for this position?  OR “It seems that you are overqualified for this job role, don’t you think so?” On this page, you’ll learn how to answer this question using interview tips and an example answer.

It’s not a common interview question and will only ever be asked if the interviewer is certain that you are overqualified for the position. The reason why an interviewer would ask this question is to find out if you are genuinely interested in the job role at hand and don’t become bored, lazy or unmotivated.

#1 Example Answer

“Whilst my background as a [Job title] makes me qualified, I don’t feel overqualified for this position. There are many jobs that I could have applied for, but this one in particular appeals to me because of [Reason 1] and [Reason 2]. I’m genuinely excited to perform the tasks listed in the job description and I believe that my experience and skill set makes me a valuable asset to your team.”

#2 Example Answer

“Although I have 12 years of experience as a [Job title], I’ve noticed that the digital landscape has changed from when I first started my professional career. I’m confident about my abilities to create advertising campaigns and pricing strategies, but I’m also curious to learn more about the demographic data and perspectives of your target audience. In addition, I’d like to work alongside new professionals in a dynamic environment and familiarize myself with [Platform].”

Interview Question Tips

  • Don’t focus on what you’ll offer. It’s time to reassure the interviewer that you’ll stay for the long-term. Don’t ramble about your skills, qualifications or experience in the industry.
  • Do explain the reason(s) why you’re taking a step-down. Some interviewers understand that priorities can change in life. Perhaps you seek job stability, less responsibilities or an overall healthy work-life balance. It’s perfectly fine to share these with the interviewer as long as you provide an adequate justification.
  • Do share what makes you excited to apply for this job role. The best way to reassure interviewers that you are staying for the long-term is to share your affinity with their product, service and brand. Tell them exactly what makes you thrilled to perform the job duties listed in the vacancy.