Good Cover Letter Example (2022)

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Good Cover Letter Example

[Henry May]
[Number, Street Name]
[New York, NY 27181]
[Email Address]

[December 5, 2020]

[Timothy Armstrong]
[Hiring Manager]
[Elementary School]
[Number, Street Name]
[New York, NY 12367]

Dear Mr. Armstrong,

In reference to your job posting on [URL] under section [‘Work at’], I am writing to submit my job application for the open position as [Teacher] at [Elementary School] in New York City, NY. I was pleased when hearing about this job opportunity from [Colleague], and I am convinced that my skills and personal traits can contribute to a positive learning environment. In this cover letter, I will elaborate on my motivation and qualifications required for the position.

To shortly introduce myself, my name is [Henry May] and I have three years of experience teaching elementary-level students as a substitute teacher. I notice the complexity of the current educational landscape, and recognise your school’s concerns about unfilled teaching posts. I found my passion and commitment for teaching, and would love to offer my extra set of hands at a school that is recognised for its student diversity and community involvement.

For the past three years as a substitute teacher at [Public School], I’ve been teaching English as a second language to classes of 5-25 students (ages 5-15). I received recognition for designing and carrying out activities that boost my students’ assertiveness and educational progress on grammar, pronunciation and vocabulary (see references). During my three-year-tenure, I’ve been awarded “Teacher of the Year” for two years in a row.

I will be available for a 40-hour work week after my last day of voluntary service at [Institution] on [12.31.2020]. I welcome the opportunity to discuss my candidacy and gap of unfilled teaching posts at your school. To arrange a meeting, please contact me at [Phone number]. My resume and references are attached. Thank you for your time and consideration.

Kind regards,

Henry May

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