How To Answer “How Do You Build Client Relationships?” | Job Interview

In a job interview you might stumble on the interview question: “How do you build client relationships?” or “How do you develop customer relationships?” Down below you can find a perfect example answer!

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Why do interviewers ask this interview question? They’d like to know how you address customer needs, earn trust and build long-lasting relationships. Besides that, the interviewer gathers information about your self-awareness, how you convey the message and if you feel comfortable doing so.Β 

Example Answer (Experienced)

“Actually, it comes quite naturally to me. I’m intrinsically interested in clients’ career path, culture, hobbies, wants and needs. It certainly makes it easier to customize my services when you genuinely care. Besides that, I carefully listen and document what clients value so I can build a solid client rapport.Β 

When I was a [Job title] at [Company XYZ] for example, I made sure that I knew every client’s name, their interests and purchase history. I incorporated the most important pieces of information which proved to be effective. I managed to build long-lasting relationships with over 100 clients in the [Industry].”

Example Answer (No Experience)

β€œAlthough I don’t have any working experience yet, I am intrinsically interested in connecting with people and genuinely care about helping people out. For example, in [Year] I went on exchange and spent six months living on [University]’s campus in [City].Β 

During that time, I volunteered to help run multiple events for non-profit organizations. These events proved to be highly valuable because I was able to form new friendships and business relationships with people of similar background.”

Interview Question Tips

  • Don’t use sentences like: “My clients can rely on me”, “I deliver over and beyond expectations” or “I will go the extra mile” Without context or examples, these are meaningless to the interviewer.
  • Do provide an answer that is short, concise and to the point. Being an effective communicator and active listener are THE personal traits why this interview question is asked in the first place.
  • Do research the company and customer base before you go to the job interview. Do they provide services to mostly corporate or private clients? What about the ethnic diversity? etc.