How Do You Stay Motivated While Doing a Simple Repetitive Task? (2022)

Do you have an upcoming job interview? Make sure you know how to answer the “How do you stay motivated while doing a simple repetitive task?” or “How do you stay focused while performing routine tasks?interview questions!

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Repetitive and boring tasks are one of THE most challenging hurdles in any office or workplace. Hiring managers want to find out if you are the type of employee that remains motivated, focused and positive to get the job done. That’s the reason why many stumble on this interview question.

#1 Example Answer

Well, I believe that simple repetitive or routine tasks are part of every job. In order for me to stay focused and motivated, I draw my energy from a good workplace atmosphere, a hard working team or simply being helpful to others. I also visualize the finish line and gratification afterwards. These are important factors that help me go through particularly boring or monotonous tasks.Β 

Besides that, from what I read in the job description, being a [Position] at [Company XYZ] does not seem to be a repetitive job at all. For example, [Task 1] and [Task 2] listed underneath paragraph 2 seem very challenging and interesting to me. At least that’s how I feel about the job role.”

#2 Example Answer (Authentic)

“So, what I do to stay focused and motivated, even with simple repetitive or routine tasks, is to remind myself of how the brain actually works. As you may know, dopamine is the neurotransmitter, the chemical in our brain that’s associated with feeling rewarded or motivated. It helps us to feel focused and find things interesting.Β 

The way that I stay motivated on the job is all about reinforcing a so-called “motivating cycle” with the purpose to keep the dopamine flowing and it all starts with small regular habits. In the past, I was under the assumption that I needed to be motivated first before taking action, but throughout the years I’ve learned to build routines and habits into my life to generate motivation consistently, which really just starts with choosing one small thing to act on.”

Interview Question Tips

  • Don’t say that you prefer routine tasks over learning new and challenging tasks
  • Don’t speak negatively about your previous job role or former employer
  • Do show a positive attitude when answering this question (e.g. smile, sit up straight)
  • Do focus on the job duties that you like (study the job description)