How To Make a Resume For Fresh Graduates (2022) | Resume Example

Watch our Youtube video and learn: ‘how to make a resume for fresh graduates‘ and check out the resume example for recent college/university students. (PS: Don’t forget to DOWNLOAD matching CV and Cover Letter Templates 📑)

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Fresh Graduate Resume Example

Los Angeles, CA | [email protected] | +[000]-000-0000 |


Recent university graduate with a major in computer science and minor in mathematics. Seeking to leverage my 5+ years’ programming experience as a [Junior Software Engineer] at [Company Name]. As of [Date], I will be available for a 40-hour workweek, and able to work with a flexible schedule.


Database & Programming Languages
HTML/CSS, Java, JavaScript, Julia, Python, R, MATLAB, Scala, SQL, Tensorflow

Software Tools
Excel, Google Sheets
Calendly, Doodle,
Tableau / Qlik

Communication & Interpersonal
Effective communicator
Eager to teach & mentor
Decision-maker & problem-solver


University Name – Bachelor of Arts

  • Minor in Mathematics & Major in Computer Science
  • Coursework: Python and Statistics for Data Science
  • Member of the Math & Science Club
  • Cumulative GPA: 3.60/4.00

City, State | 00.0000 00.0000


Web Application (UvA) | Machine Learning Engineer

City, State | 00.0000 – 00.0000

  • Collaborated with a 5-person team to develop a web application that helps [University]’s students to pick classes more easily, filter through course offerings and general education requirements
  • Adopted an agile workflow for quick and efficient deployments, used ReactJS, Redux and MongoDB to develop [Web Application]
  • ­­Praised for improving [University]’s existing software system which increased DAU by 15% and the retention rate by 20% in [Year]

University Name | Teaching Assistant

City, State | 00.0000 – 00.0000

  • Collaborated with an instructor and 5 other teaching assistants to help students with the Mathematical Foundations of Computer Science
  • Created detailed lesson plans, presented instructional Google Sheets and answered approximately 20 students’ questions on a daily basis
  • Attained 98% positive feedback based on conducted student satisfaction surveys and was praised for increasing the pass rate by 17% in [Year]


Beer Quality Test Project
Built an interface to predict the quality of various types of beer

Crypto Price Predictor Project
Created a price predictor to help predict Dogecoin prices using data

Project at [University Name]
Developed an efficient web application for students