How To Answer “How Well Do You Adapt To New Situations?” (2021)

Do you have an upcoming job interview? Make sure you know how to answer the “How well do you adapt to new situations?” interview question! Other examples with similar answers include “Do you find it difficult to adapt to new situations?” or “When have you demonstrated flexibility in a work situation?”

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Example Answer (No Experience)

As you might already know, this is my first job application so it’s difficult for me to evaluate my adaptability skills to new situations in the workplace. I do believe however, that my extraverted way of thinking and creative mind can embrace change quite easily. 

For example, during my college years I managed to work on [Project] whilst studying. Having a side-hustle not only required me to combine study with my personal commitments, but also to engage with a variety of people in the [Industry].”

Example Answer (With Experience)

As you can see on my resume, I had quite some past experiences of which some of them required me to embrace and adapt to changes in the workplace. For example, one of the reasons I managed to develop [Project] at [Company XYZ] is due to my ability to embrace challenges. These include finding diverse and unexpected solutions to [Problem 1] and [Problem 2] to reach [Goal].”

Interview Question Tips

  • Don’t dwell or say anything negative about yourself
  • Do share an experience that shows you adapt well