How To Answer “How Would Your Previous Manager Describe You?”

How to answer: “How would your previous manager describe you?” or “How would your previous work colleagues and boss describe you?” Check out the perfect example answer and useful interview tips!

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The interviewer might ask this question to examine a candidate’s response. Those who provide a coherent, confident and determined response are more likely to be trusted and valuable to their team in contrast to those who hesitate or show signs of uncertainty. Use the CAR technique to structure this question:

Example Answer

Context: “Do you mind me giving an example? As a [Sales Assistant] working in retail, I had to cope with various situations on the work-floor. However, on one particular day a couple staff members were absent which left us short staffed on a busy Sunday. 

Action: I took immediate action by taking on extra responsibilities. These include, but were not limited to, managing the cash register, solving problems in the stockroom and liaising between customers and coworkers. This is just one example among many challenging situations that occurred at [Store XYZ].

Result: As a result, I am confident that my manager and colleagues would describe me as an assertive, hard-working colleague that remains positive during stressful and challenging situations. I’ve attached some references that support this description.”

Interview Question Tips

  • Don’t say you ‘don’t know’ or that you are ‘not sure’. You need to come across as someone that is confident, trustworthy and a true asset to their team. If you can’t support your answer with references, then refer to your last performance review or casual discussions you’ve held.
  • Do provide an example to support your answer. You can also improve the credibility of your answer by referring the interviewer to some recommendations you’ve received on LinkedIn
    or references you’ve obtained over the years.