How To Answer “Tell Me About a Time You Made a Mistake” (2021)

Do you have an upcoming job interview? Make sure you know how to answer the “Can you tell me about a time you made a mistake?” or “Can you describe your biggest work failure?” interview questions! 

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Example Answer

Sure, so when I first became a marketing assistant, I was eager to make a good impression. However, I ended up taking on more work than I could manage. 

From compiling and distributing statistical data to executing marketing campaigns, while I actually was solely responsible for running my first ever digital marketing event. 

Upon talking to my marketing manager, he made me realize that I needed to prioritize and delegate more work to my colleagues. 

I have since applied this new learning to all of my marketing activities and use [Todoist], [Notion] and [Google Calendar] to improve my workflow and get things done. 

This experience also taught me that it’s okay to say ‘no’, delegate or ask for assistance. Since then, I’ve received recognition and was praised multiple times for my personal growth.”

Interview Question Tips

  • Do share an experience that shows a one-time mistake
  • Do briefly explain what the mistake was
  • Do quickly switch over to what you’ve learned or improved on
  • Do elaborate on the steps you take to avoid similar mistakes
  • Do use the CARL framework of reflection
  • Don’t blame a previous colleague, teammate or employer
  • Don’t dwell on your mistake