How To Answer “Tell Me About Yourself” (2021)

Do you have an upcoming job interview? Make sure you know how to answer the “Tell me about yourself” interview question! Other examples with similar answers include “Can you tell me about yourself?“, “Can you walk me through your resume?“, “How would you describe yourself?”  

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Example Answer (Student)

Thank you for inviting me to be interviewed for this position today. I am a second-year marketing student with great interest in database administration and website design. My passion for web space development brought me to [College Name] where I am working on my bachelor’s degree. In my spare time, I like to occupy myself with [Skill 1] and [Skill 2] to create  responsive and optimised Drupal websites.”

Example Answer (Career Change)

“Thanks for having me. I am an aspiring [Job title] with 4 years’ experience in [Expertise 1] and [Expertise 2] at [Corporation XYZ]. I really enjoyed the progress and work I did over there, but now I want to pivot my career from digital marketing to website design due to my passion for web space development and [Personal trait], which is why I’m excited about this opportunity at [XYZ Corporation].”

Example Answer (Experienced Candidate)

I started off my career as a [Position] five years ago with [Firm XYZ] where I performed [Task 1] and assisted with [Task 2] on a daily basis. In that role, a major accomplishment I’m most proud of was that I was able to [Action] within [Timespan] by developing [Project]. This resulted in [Achievement]. 

Although I really enjoyed the progress and work I did over there, I’d love to dive deeper into [Subject] within the [Industry], which is why I’m excited about this opportunity at [XYZ Firm].”

Interview Question Tips

  • Do tailor your response to the job description
  • Do tell why you are a good fit in terms of experience and qualifications
  • Do focus on relevant skills, personal traits and unpaid experiences
  • Don’t talk about your personal or family life
  • Don’t mention vague strengths without supporting examples