Top 5 Cover Letter Introduction Examples (2022)

Do you need to write a cover letter? Check out our top 5 cover letter examples for a perfect job application!

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Example 1: Highlighting a mutual connection 

I am excited to be applying for [Job Title] after hearing about this opportunity from my former colleague, [Name]. [Name] and I have worked closely in the [industry] for around five years. In 2020, we managed to increase sales by 19% and gain over 10k newsletter subscribers. In this cover letter, I will further elaborate on my motivation and qualifications required for this vacancy.

Example 2: State an impressive achievement

I was pleased finding the vacancy on [] under section [Careers at]. As a digital marketer at [Organization X], I have successfully increased sales from $155,000 to $185,000 within 3 months using Google and Facebook ad campaigns. I am keenly interested in the growth oriented position and would embrace the opportunity to use my expertise and perspectives to add value to [Project X].

Example 3: Express your passion & excitement

As a long-term admirer of [Company X’s] sharp, witty and bold advertising, I’m excited to submit my application for the marketing internship program posted on []. I recently graduated from the [University] with a bachelor’s degree in Digital Marketing, and I also have a passion for multimedia design. My comprehensive imagination, creativity and technical expertise has potential to contribute to your creative marketing approach.

Example 4: Research on company culture

I am writing to express my interest in the legal assistant position as advertised on [] under section [‘Careers at’]. As a former legal assistant, I firmly believe that every client should experience a fair, honest and equal representation of legal aid. My communication skills can help clients to express their ideas and feelings, followed by the required legal assistance.

Example 5: Bring up something newsworthy

I am keenly interested in working as a packaging designer at [Company X] in [City, State]. I have been actively following [Company X’s] role in Global Climate Change, and after reading your latest article in [Newspaper] I was inspired. With my skills, experience and support I could contribute to your reusable and returnable packaging service. In this cover letter, I will elaborate on my motivation and qualifications required for this job opportunity.
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