How To Answer “What Did You Do To Prepare For This Interview?”

Interview questions about preparation can certainly catch you off-guard. On this page you’ll learn how to answer the question: What did you do to prepare for this interview? Other similar interview questions are: “What steps did you take to prepare for this interview” OR “How did you get ready for this interview?”

The reason why interviewers ask this question is to find out how well-prepared you are, but also to see if you can respond in a spontaneous and improvised way. Give them the reassurance that you are genuinely interested in the job opportunity and not just looking for a paycheck. Take a look at the example answer:

Example Answer

“I spent a couple hours browsing through your website, social media channels and annual report. I’ve gathered some interesting information about [Company XYZ]’s most recent activities and core product. 
As you can see, I’ve also printed the vacancy and underlined some of the competencies and daily tasks to get a better idea of what the job entails. I’ll be more than happy to share my findings and potential contribution to the job role.”

Interview Question Tips

  • Don’t give an unconventional answer like: “I didn’t prepare because I’ve confidence in my communication skills”, “I’ve done quite some interviews, so I don’t really need to prepare.” OR “I’d rather not prepare to avoid sounding scripted or rehearsed.”
  • Do show that you’ve made an effort. Explain that you’ve thoroughly read the vacancy description and researched the company (include sources). Inform them in greater detail about your findings. You can also tell them about the new shirt you’ve bought for the interview or that you left early to make sure you’d arrive on time.
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