How To Answer “What Is The Last Book You Read?”

How to answer “What is the last book you read?” in a job interview. Similar interview questions are: “What is your favourite book that everyone needs to read?” or “Which book inspired you most, and why?
On this page, you can find the perfect example answer and useful interview tips (do’s & don’ts).

Hiring managers often ask this question to find out if the candidate is truly informed and receptive to new concepts. An employer might be very keen on netting a bookworm because they are often seen as life-long learners. Try to structure your answer so that it matches the company culture and job role.

Example Answer (With Experience)

The last book I read was ‘Atomic Habits’ by James Clear. It’s certainly my favourite book on forming the right habits, and ditching the bad ones. Basically, the author encourages you to lose unproductive habits and start adopting productive ones. The idea is that 1% change each day adds up to long-term success.

The book also covers other topics like adopting better systems rather than setting objectives, focus on identity rather than outcomes etc. However, the idea of being 1% better everyday really stood out to me. I applied the power of compounding as a [Job title] and this technique tripled my productivity.”

Example Answer (No Experience)

“As an aspiring copywriter, I’ve always been interested in consumer behavior. Recently, I read Seth Godin’s book: “This Is Marketing”, to better understand what makes up great marketing. Do you know this title? The idea is that frequent and consistent content outreach, delivered to a target audience, will earn brand awareness, loyalty and ultimately more sales. I highly recommend anyone interested in marketing to read this book!”

Interview Question Tips

  • Don’t feel obliged to mention your last read. Choose a book that you actually like (and read) that teaches a lesson. You’ll come across as someone with a growth mindset that is willing to learn.
  • Do explain why you chose to read that particular book and briefly summarize the book to prove your understanding. Try to highlight some of the learnings that you’ve adopted in your daily life.