How To Answer “What Is The Name Of Our CEO?”

Do you have an upcoming job interview? Then you might encounter this question: What is the name of our CEO?According to ‘Glassdoor’ and ‘Livecareer’, it’s among the 50 most common interview questions. On this page, you can find a great example answer and useful interview tips to formulate your response.

The reason why interviewers ask this question is to gauge the applicant’s knowledge, initiative and overall interest in the company. It’s basically a quick test to see how much preparation you’ve put into it. Down below you can see a perfectly structured answer to the question: “Do you know the name of our CEO?”

Example Answer

“Haha, is that supposed to be a trick question? Your CEO’s name is [Name Surname] and I actually know quite a lot about him. I recently read an interesting article in the [Journal] with a detailed description of his personal life. His commitment and perseverance to build [Brand Name] is really admirable.” 

Interview Question Tips

  • Don’t act jovial or in a light-hearted manner. This question might seem trivial, but the interviewer is actually curious if you are able to conform and adapt to the core values and collective behaviours that make up the company.
  • Do your research and show genuine interest. For example, you can highlight some positive things you read or ask the interviewer some questions about their CEO. Good questions show that you are engaged and active listening stimulates an interactive conversation.
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