How To Answer “What Is Your Ideal Work Environment?”

In a job interview you might stumble on the interview question: “What is your ideal work environment?” or “Describe what kind of work environment you prefer.” Check out the perfect example answer down below.

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Why do interviewers ask this interview question? They want to know if your work style and preferences match with their company environment AND if you’ve researched their company culture before going to the interview. Often times they want to know if you’re flexible and OK with working long hours.

Example Answer

“My ideal work environment can be described as: fast-paced, collaborative and structured to expand. I’ve worked in a variety of environments and I adapt well to most. However, I’m not just looking to fill a position, I’m looking for a career. I applied to this position because of the long-term opportunities abound.

After visiting [Website], I noticed a startup culture and environment that’s experiencing rapid growth. I enjoy working in an environment where everyone is dedicated to work hard and encouraged to grow. Does that match up with the way you would characterize [Company XYZ]’s work environment?”

Interview Question Tips

  • Don’t say that your ideal workplace is dependant on the coworkers you’ll be working with. The interviewer can’t foresee the chemistry between you and the employees. 
  • Do call out things about the company culture that you like and emphasize your flexible personality. Flexibility is a valuable personality trait because it describes the extent to which a person can cope with changes, difficult circumstances and find solutions to sudden issues.