How To Answer “What Kind Of Personality Do You Work Best With?”

How to answer What kind of personality do you work best with?in a job interview. It’s a seemingly innocuous question but a wrong answer can certainly drop someone out of the interview process. Other related questions are “What kind of people do you enjoy working with?” OR Are you a team player?

The reason why interviewers ask this question is to gauge how you’ll interact and communicate with different personalities within their company. In other words, are you able to adapt to an existing company culture in verbal and nonverbal ways. Down below you can find a perfect example answer:

#1 Example Answer

“Well, the most rewarding workplace allows me to collaborate with a variety of personalities. I like to foster equitable team environments where everyone, whatever their background or position, can feel comfortable expressing their opinions and ideas. 

I do, however,  hold myself to high standards and like to work alongside personalities that are also logical and performance-oriented. I gladly take criticism or receive feedback from my environment to reach my full potential.”

#2 Example Answer

“As a [Job title], I’ve worked with many different types of people and I get along with all of them regardless of their personality. I like to embrace diversity in the workplace because different personalities can complement each other’s strengths to forge effective and efficient collaboration.”

Interview Question Tips

  • Don’t describe a single personality type that you enjoy working with. Most jobs require some teamwork and collaboration with many different personalities. 
  • Do express how you get along with all types of people regardless of their personality. Focus on the benefits of complementary personalities. For example, it can reduce friction in a team OR it creates a dynamic and positive working environment.