How To Answer “What Makes a Great Team?”

When applying for a job role that requires teamwork or leadership, you may encounter the following interview question: What makes a great team?Other similar questions are “What makes good teamwork?” OR “Can you tell me about a thriving team experience?” Take a look at our example answer!

The reason why interviewers ask this question is to get a better understanding of your personality and experience working in a team. The interviewer is curious about the challenges you’ve faced and what you consider as priorities and your approach to team working.

Example Answer

“It must have all the features of a good team. These include, among others, effective communication, clear objectives, accountability, trustability etc. But it’s the things permeating underneath that makes a ‘great’ team different to simply a ‘good’ team. Do you mind me giving an example?

In my previous role as a [Job title], I was part of a successful marketing team that month-on-month reached its promotional and growth goals. Our hands-on and supportive manager played a significant role in this success.

He scheduled team meetings twice a week, encouraged us to come up with new creative ways of improving our marketing campaigns, gave us confidence to push hard as a team and was always the last one leaving the office.”

Interview Question Tips

  • Don’t simply list the qualities of a good team, but provide context. The interviewer is not interested in hearing a scripted or rehearsed 10 characteristics of a successful team.
  • Do speak about a constructive team culture. Provide an example where team members are encouraged to be creative, embrace challenges, work hard and interact with each other.
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