How To Answer “What Three Things Are Most Important In Your Next Job?”

How to answer: “What three things are most important in your next job?” or “Describe two or three things that are most important in your current job?” Down below you can find the perfect example answer!

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The reason why interviewers ask this question is to know more about the candidate’s priorities. By learning what someone values and what makes them tick, the interviewer can decide if the candidate fits the company culture and job role. Take a look at the example before you structure your own answer.

Example Answer

There are several things that I’m looking for in my next job. The first one that comes to my mind is the ability to work with coworkers that are eager to teach and learn new things about [Topic]. I’m a self-motivated person but I like the challenge and idea of working alongside like-minded professionals.

Growth potential is another important thing. I would like to leverage my skills and experience that I built over the years. Therefore, I need a job where I feel the support to grow professionally and personally. I also value companies that are passion-driven and always looking for new opportunities to expand.”

Interview Question Tips

  • Don’t come across as a self-centered candidate. A self-centered person is always looking for what he/she will get out of the situation, and in this case is primarily focussing on salary compensation, bonuses and other rewards.
  • Do match your answer to the interviewer’s expectations of important things. You can explain what you valued in your previous employment and what you expect in your next job.
  • Do come across as a self-oriented candidate. Those who are self-oriented make informed decisions that satisfies own wants and needs to achieve personal goals. It’s completely fine to provide an answer that proves you take care of yourself.