How To Answer “What Were Your Responsibilities At Your Last Job?” (2022)

Do you have an upcoming job interview? Learn how to answer the “What were your responsibilities at your last job?” interview question. Check out the example answer, do’s and don’ts on this page.Β 

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During an interview you’ll most likely get a question about your last job responsibilities. Hiring managers are curious if you previous job role prepared you for this position.

Therefore, it’s important to highlight your last job responsibilities and connect them to the position you are interviewing for. Use the CARL framework to structure your answer:

Example Answer (No Experience)

Context: “I haven’t been employed before as I have only recently graduated from [University XYZ]. The most recent responsibility I had however, was presenting a group project in front of 200 other students.Β 

Action: First off, I identified the objective of the presentation with the audience’s knowledge level in mind. I used Google Docs to write a script and Keynote’s easy and intuitive tools to create the slides.

On the final day, I got up early and liaised with the school’s janitor to test the audio and visual equipment. I then rehearsed a couple of times until I felt comfortable using the A/V tools.Β 

Result: The presentation was well received and we got the highest grade of the year. According to our teacher, the presentation was clear, concise and informative.

Learning: This experience taught me that I am capable of taking full responsibility for a project’s outcome.

Example Answer (With Experience)

β€œIn my most recent employment, I worked as a [Job title] and my key responsibilities included greeting guests, taking bookings using [PMS Hotel Software] and handling day to day problems and questions.

I also used [Software 1] and [Software 2] for running the hotel’s administrative activities and used these operating systems to make valuable contributions to the schemes and schedules.

My efforts improved coordination with the housekeeping department and my supervisor gave me increasing responsibility for guiding more clerks and planning my own role.”

Interview Question Tips

  • Don’t simply list your previous or current job responsibilities like you do in your resume, but instead provide a real-life example, tell a story and inform the interviewer about the results
  • Don’t lie about your job responsibilities or qualifications. Hiring managers will check your references and browse through the internet to gather more information.
  • Do provide an example that demonstrates your most important job responsibilities and match your experience to the job description
  • Do prepare responsibility questions and be specific in your answer. For example, focus on measurable outcomes, improvements and accomplishments